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Abbott, Ivor
Person · 1977 - 1984

BP teacher 1977 to 1984

Abbott, John
Person · 1969 - 1974

Class of 1974

Abraham, Clive
Person · 1953 - 1956

Class of 1956
Founder pupil

Abro, Ronald
Person · 1964 - 1965

In BC to grade 10, 1965

Acott, David
Person · 1991 - 1995

Class of 1995
Son of Michael Acott, Class of 1961

Acquisto, Ivanka
Person · 1996 -2017

GC English teacher from 1996 - 2017, also Deputy Head and second GC Head.

Ivanka Acquisto joined the Girl’s Collegiate nine months after its opening in 1999 as the Deputy Head under the leadership of Anne van Zyl. She came to the Girl’s College from St Benedict’s College where she served as the Head of department English. Ivanka became the Head in 2001 and continued with the unchartered course set by Anne van Zyl. Her vision to Girl’s College was clear: “To be so strong on the inside that they are able to choose gentleness.”
Ivanka’s term of office was challenging as she had to deal with gender discrimination and the investigation by the Human Rights Commission with regards to external recognition of achievements. What is known as the six C’s also took root during Ivanka’s time as Head: Compassion, Creativity, Confidence, Courage, Contribution and Character – the mosaic circles on the walkway leading up to the Anne van Zyl Quad.
During Ivanka’s 16 years as Head of Girl’s College the school continued to flourish and excel in the areas of staff development, academics, sport, service, and culture as well as Round Square and the character development program. The Girl’s College had taken flight!
The “Afrikaans quad” as it has been fondly named, was part of the last phase of the initial construction of the Girl’s College. This quad houses the Afrikaans, French, Zulu, Life Sciences, Dramatic Arts and Music classes. This lovely, grassed area with beautiful trees and azaleas is an oasis in which the students can relax during breaks. This space is often filled with music and students practicing their lines for drama, experiments, tutor groups and class groups. It is a warm and happy space.

Adnams, Vaughn
Person · 1987 - 1991

Class of 1991. Captain of Boats.

Adventurers Club
Corporate body · 1962 - 1971

The Adventurers Club was one of the first Clubs to be established at Saints. The Club conducted three to four trips per year for College boys accompanied by staff members to the Magaliesberg, Drakensberg, Malawi and Zimbabwe as well as to Botswana. Accounts of these trips can be found in the Stythian magazines available here.

Afrikaanse Hoër Seunskool
Corporate body · 1920 -

First Afrikaans-medium high school in South Africa, located in Pretoria.

Corporate body · 1947 -

South African branch of AFS International student exchange organisation.

Agar, Grant
Person · - 1981

Class of 1981

Ainscough, Simon
Person · 1991 - 1998

Class of 1997
In VIth Form 1998

Aircraft Operating Company
Corporate body · c.1930 - ?

Company responsible for early aerial photographs.
Possibly Southern African arm of British company.

Aird, Murray
Person · 1978 - 1980

In BP to Grade 7, 1980

Aitken, Emma
Person · 2010 - 2021

Class of 2021

Aitken, Mike
Person · 1981 - 1987

Class of 1987

Aitken, Tracey
Person · 1999 - 2001

GP class teacher
GP Founder staff member: 1996

Alexander, Bruce
Person · - 1973

Class of 1973.
National Science week finalist 1971.

Aley, Andrea Erin
Person · 1996 - 2003

Class of 2003
GC Founder student

Alford, Althea
Person · 1998 - 2013

BC IT Secretary

Alford, Ashleigh
Person · 1995 - 2007

Class of 2007
Collegiate Founder student

Allan, Brad
Person · 1972 - 1980

Class of 1980

Allen, Louise
Person · 1984

Member of the combined St Stithians & St Mary's Equestrian team that took part in the very early schools equestrian events.

Allen, S
Person · 1977

BP 1977

Allori, Nigel
Person · 1981 - 1986

Class of 1986

Amm, Colin C
Person · 1963

In BC Grade 9, 1963

Anderson, Beth
Person · 1995 - c.1997

BP Grade 2 Class teacher

Anderson, Ian
Person · c.1963 - 1991

Class of 1981
Ian matriculated at the Boys’ College in 1981. Ian was a talented sportsman but his rugby career came to an end after his U15 year when he was badly concussed on the cricket field. Ian started coaching rugby and he received the Transvaal Union Referees’ Certificate before he matriculated. Ian qualified as an accountant and lectured Economics to the Sixth Form students at the College. Ian became a world class rugby referee with good international experience and was rated the Number One referee in South Africa in 1994. At this time Ian had already refereed a number of games in the qualifying rounds of the Rugby World Cup. Ian was tragically killed in a motor car accident in 1994 whilst traveling back from KwaZulu-Natal where he had attended the wedding of close friends. Ian’s integrity was recognized by all of those who were privileged to work with him and this was reflected in the choice of his memorial award.

Anderson, Peter
Person · - 1990

Class of 1990. Head Prefect.

Anderson, R
Person · c.1982

In BP 1982

Anderson, R G.
Person · c.1974

News Editor at The Star who wrote to Mark Henning re Bennett's article on A C Collins.

Andrew, Richard Charles
Person · c.1947 -

Class of 1964
Published memoirs of the border war between South Africa and Angola as "Buried in the Sky" in 2001. Artist and lecturer at Durban University of Technology.

Andrews, Nigel
Person · - 1971

Class of 1971
Finalist in Maths Olympiad

Andrews, Tamsin
Person · 1996 - 2008

GC student
Class of 2008

Angus, Christopher
Person · 1987 - 1993

In BP from (c.1987) to Grade 7, 1993.

Angus, Craig
Person · 1997 - 2002

In BP 1997 to c.2002

Angus, Grant
Person · 2002 -

Photograph taken at the re-dedication of the Corlett Gates. These are all descendants of DH Corlett.

Angus, John
Person · 1953 - 1958

In BP to grade 7, 1958
Founder student

Angus, Matt
Person · 1991 - 1995

Class of 1995

Ansell, John
Person · - 1962

In BC to grade 10, 1962

Apfel, Robin
Person · 1981 - 1989

Class of 1989