Summary of holdings and What's new this week

AtoM currently holds the following records:

a) MAGAZINES: All school magazines up to 2016 have been digitised and added to AtoM. Later issues will be added once published and digitised.
b) PHOTOGRAPHS: All the formal physical photographs from the BC up to 1999, all the early BP sports teams and BP Plays albums, BP Sports, Cultural and Class photos up to 2016, and a representative selection from the GP and GC up to 1999 have been added to AtoM. These are described on a general level, with more detailed information and names of those who appear in the photographs being added continuously. Many of the photographs have not been published in the magazines. Complete legends for all images will be added in due course.
c) DOCUMENTS: A start has been made on digitising and uploading unique documents that record our early history. These currently include Wally Mears' Early History of St Stithians College, Thandulwazi reports, the College Chronicle (1960-1962), the letters of E M Harris and the Harris Album.
d) ARTEFACTS donated by alumni and former staff, such as original school ties and signed programmes of early events, are being photographed and the images added to AtoM.
e) VIDEOS of interviews with early or long-serving staff, surviving foundation students and parents are being recorded. These will be transcribed and/or edited and extracts made available through AtoM.

Both the physical College Archive and the Online Archive are works in progress and descriptions of newly digitised material are being added regularly.

Should you have more information about an item in our archive we would love to hear from you. Please contact

Recently added:

20220906: BC photographs 1962, 1967, 1972 and 1982 - legends have been added (ongoing for 1992).
20220812: BC Adventurers Club records 1962 - 1971 including photographs and trip logs have been added to the Documents Collection
20220606: Historical documents have been added
20220606: Clegg collection added (ongoing)
20220606: 1962 BC Matric Class photo added
20220509: BP Sports, Cultural and Class photographs 2008 - 2016 (photo legends are being added where available)
20220407: Tributes to St Stithians long-standing staff members - ongoing
20220314: GP and GC photographs from albums 1995 - 1999 (in progress)